Integrated Course: Become an Akashic Records Practitioner

Healing Self with Akashic Records. Includes 3 courses: Level 1+2+3

Course Summary

This bundle course is ideal for those who wish to embark on a journey of self-healing.

Karishma Manchanda

Karishma Manchanda is India’s Leading Trainer for Healing with Akashic Records

  • Author of Bestseller: Cracking the Code of Akashic Records™
  • The Originator of Healing with Akashic Records™ and Soul Regression Therapy™ 
  • Master Instructor of Healing with Akashic Records™ and Soul Regression Therapy™ 
  • Akashic Records Coach™, Akashic Records Consultant™ & Soul Profiling Expert™
  • Author of Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists and The Workbook for Chakra Healing
  • Master Instructor of Crystal Prescriptions™
  • Graduate of Crystal Therapy & Healing for Prescription Energy Medicine
  • Transformational Hypnotherapist, USA and a Past Life Regression Therapist, USA
  • Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, CAMI
  • Business Mentor for Luminaries 

Course Pricing

  • Become an Akashic Records Practitioner
  • 48000 INR

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