Level 4: Healing Others with Akashic Records

License course to heal others, both in person as well as distant. Suitable for those in healing business.

Healing with Akashic Records, Level 4 Liscence Based Course is an advanced course designed for those who wish set themselves apart from other Healers and Therapists. Our internationally valid, globally accredited, course, certified from International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) ensure that you get latest, most advanced course content on this subject,designed and trained by Approved Training Provide, Ms Karishma Manchanda, who is also the author of the Bestselling Book, Cracking the Code of Akashic Records.  

Level 4 teaches you how to connect with the energies of others, both in person as well as use the Akashic Records for Karmic Clearing as a distant Healing Modality. You will also learn how to use Akashic Oracle Cards for reading past lives self as well as others. Learn to assess the energy of a person or a place and evaluate the impact of foreign energies such as disembodies or wayward spirits and release curses, vows, black magic etc from others.

All exercises are mandatory and essential for your globally valid certification. Submission of case studies are crucial for you to earn your liscence. While you will be submitting your assignments online, you will have direct access to connect with Ms Karishma Manchanda for all your queries and doubt clearing as you progress on this self paced course at your own speed.

Course Curriculum

Karishma Manchanda

Karishma Manchanda is India’s Leading Trainer for Healing with Akashic Records

  • Author of Bestseller: Cracking the Code of Akashic Records™
  • The Originator of Healing with Akashic Records™ and Soul Regression Therapy™ 
  • Master Instructor of Healing with Akashic Records™ and Soul Regression Therapy™ 
  • Akashic Records Coach™, Akashic Records Consultant™ & Soul Profiling Expert™
  • Author of Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists and The Workbook for Chakra Healing
  • Master Instructor of Crystal Prescriptions™
  • Graduate of Crystal Therapy & Healing for Prescription Energy Medicine
  • Transformational Hypnotherapist, USA and a Past Life Regression Therapist, USA
  • Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, CAMI
  • Business Mentor for Luminaries 

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